A company in the Limousin region of France, LACAUX Frères is a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard incorporated in paper making.
At the confluence of the rivers Vienne and Briance, a paper mill existed before the Revolution. At that time paper was made using rye straw from the surrounding fields, mainly employed for packaging meat in a region devoted to cattle breeding.

In 1885 Charles Lacaux, an industrialist from Limoges, tempted by an opportunity to diversify, acquired the mill.
Starting in 1904 and adopting a strategy of vertical integration, LACAUX Frères became the precursor in France for a new product born in the United States: corrugated cardboard.

Four generations have remained at the head of the company to ensure its development, placing quality and the customer at the centre of its concerns.
Since late 2011, the French Group IPE (Investors in Private Equity) has invested in the business to assist the management team in its growth plans.

Situated in Bosmie l’Aiguille a few kilometres from Limoges, the production site consists of a paper mill which produces paper made from 100% recycled paper and a cardboard production unit labelled FSC® (FSC® C030464)

In an increasingly competitive market, LACAUX Frères has always been distinguished by its ability to innovate:

In 1961, the company was the first in its market to manufacture micro corrugated products.
In 1976 it was one of the first in France to manufacture Testliner paper, now mostly prevalent in the industry, which has enabled the development of recycled corrugated cardboard. In 1991, the research department was equipped with a 3D CAD.
Further regular innovations have created new products which are more resistant, lighter and modified for special uses (treated, pre-printed, fire-resistant or complex paper).
More recently, LACAUX Frères has developed its industrial logic through significant investments:

- Building extensions
- Construction of a treatment plant
- Global reconfiguration of the boiler room to meet the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the atmosphere
- Installation of a new 2.80 m wide corrugator (the twentieth of LACAUX Frères)

LACAUX Frères is primarily a bespoke service offering the widest quality range of corrugated cardboard in France.
With high quality products, the scope and the evolving nature of its range, in its responsive and meticulous approach to service, LACAUX Frères has become the French leader in supplying panels serving POS advertising.