Essential to our business and a natural complement to the Paper Machine and the Corrugator, packaging is organized around the production of cartons and cut-outs in virtually all possible formats necessary to cater for market demand.

We benefit from the extensive range of our compositions to best meet the specific and functional aspects expected by our customers. This also allows us a well-balanced pricing approach.

Manufacturing batches, for cartons and cut-outs, start at 1000 m².

Cut to Mark allows us to provide finished packaging with Preprint quality printing on coated paper.

Our Design Office designers, equipped with CAD, determine all types of packaging, based on specifications received, to meet customer expectations. They thus ensure a good match for both machining and functionality. Cutting table, slitter creaser, notcher and stapler allow the realization of validation prototypes.

Main Characteristics:

Carton: Mini 270 x 180 x 85 – format à plat : 350 x 950 mm
  Maxi 1950 x 1150 x 2500 – format à plat : 2000 x 6200 mm
Cut-out: Maxi 1680 x 4000 mm