Our vocation as Panel manufacturers represents 70% of our production.
This is organized around an industrial production unit configured for this specific task.

The corrugator

Manufactured by BHS with a width of 2800 mm, this latest generation machine allows us to offer the broadest composition range in France.

With over 400 different types produced per year, our wish is to meet all the demands of our clients. Custom-made and specials are part of our strengths and our expertise.

The 5 corrugated profiles available allow us over 20 possible combinations, including N, E, B, C and A types for double-sided corrugation, but also NN, NE, EA, EB, BE, BB, BC and AC types to name just the main ones.
This is complemented by all the apparent corrugations.

Flow rate

One feature of Lacaux is the ability to deliver in the order of 400 different Product Types in a very short time, on the desired date, in the composition required and in the quantity asked for.
A Stack Returner can position some compositions "in place" for printing or future laminating.
A Panel Counter determines the profile, the height of the pallet and counts the number of sheets before issuing the label to guarantee quantity.
A dedicated workshop manufactures the pallets, as often as possible to the panel format, in order to limit risks during strapping and loading.


With these skills Lacaux has built a solid reputation in Speciality Panels around POS advertising, Screen-printing, Lamination and Pre-Printing.
But also, with Fire Resistant Panels (certified M1), barrier treatments, aluminium complexes, PET or waxed and white or coloured corrugation.

Cut-to-mark also allows us to provide 4-colour process printed panels or other pre-positioned printing, prior to being processing by our customers.

Main characteristics:

Width mini : 160 mm
Width maxi : 2770 mm
Cut mini : 500 mm
Cut maxi :    4600 mm
Number of creases : 30 on three different shafts
Nombre of blades : 14 on two different shafts
Minimum standard quantity: 500 m²