Paper machine

With a capacity of 40,000 tons, the paper machine provides all the needs of the cardboard manufacturing unit from recycled paper.

With a width of 2.90 m, this machine is perfectly sized for our 2.80m Corrugator.

This complete integration in 140g and 190g Testliner as well as 105g corrugation, ensures our needs in a consistent quality of paper and perfectly in line with our sales requirements.


In order to meet wide-ranging demands, we buy many other types of paper in order to complement our offer.

On one hand, there are the whites, either in Testliner, Kraft or Coated and secondly Brown Kraft, but also many specialties like Extrusions, Complex, Through-coloured, fire-resistant or other Waxed versions.

Weights purchased range from 80g to 300g and can be used in all widths and all cardboard compositions.